Masterclass Effective Sales Conversations for B2B startups

Location: Amsterdam, B.Amsterdam
Dates: to be announced

The sales conversation: perfection or affection?

So there you are – after all the plans and preparations – at the table with your client. Then, suddenly, it’s just a human being, and you need to connect. Then, it’s also a businessperson, who you need to understand in order to be able to help.

As startups, we have an extra challenge: how do we get the client to talk about his business and his issues, instead of us presenting our story and demo our solution and finding out at the end that we have 5 minutes left for next steps, without knowing what actually keeps them awake.

This master class is about having the right conversations. It’s about

  • mind-set: why are we actually here and what are we doing

  • skillset: the breadth of your behavioural repertoire

  • toolset: techniques to help me navigate through difficult parts of the conversation.

The master class is for the CEO, CMO’s and team members working on sales and business development.

Instructor / Sales Coach

Piet Hein van Dam is data entrepreneur, former CEO of Motivaction, Wakoopa and Zapaday. AdTech, MediaTech, HRTech and FinTech. Two exits. He’s a genuine and inspiring (sales) person and is giving his sales master classes since 2004 (ao at KPMG, Sales institute of Erasmus University, several start-up accelerators).

Participants quotes

I already attended similar classes and it was loads of bullshit so I didn't have high expectations but it was truly great

Lots of interactions, concrete take-aways. Peer cases-sharing. Everything about it is practicality.

Great session working on real-life scenarios

Ability to chat communally & practise the simple, but effective, concepts with peers.

Very practice. Many ideas to try out immediately. Super helpful in getting feedback. What mistakes we are doing and how to improve. Thank you!

Very effective--talking through scenarios and acting them out forces us to get into the mindset of customers--very relevant because we provided the examples.

Of course, our prices are startup friendly:
1 participant – 500€
2 participants – 750€


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